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Laptops of the Future

As people become more reliant on technology to get through their lives, it only makes sense that laptop technology keeps up. Laptops are used for professional and personal reasons. Owning a reliable and tough laptop is becoming more and more important to people all over the world. When a laptop computer crashes all of the [...]

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The Military Needs Rugged Electronics

The toughest jobs in the world tend to all trace back to the military. These individuals spend years working in dangerous countries, barren terrain, and extreme climates. Regardless of how tough and difficult their jobs can be, it may be a thankless life. People take for granted that these individuals spend their days defending the [...]

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Your College Kid Needs a Fully Rugged Laptop

A college education can cost an arm and a leg. When your children head off to college, the odds are pretty good that you sent along a laptop computer. With a world that is so focuses on using technology as a learning apparatus, your child will inevitably use their laptop on a daily basis. For [...]

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Buying Refurbished Makes Fiscal Sense!

Purchasing expensive electronics can have serious downsides. What happens when you get your new (very pricey) electronics home, use them for a few days, and then something starts to go wrong. Without the right warranty, you are stuck with a malfunctioning electronic device, or you have to go out and buy a new one. Financially [...]

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We Love Refurbished Toughbooks

There are so many benefits to owning a Toughbook. Not only will these crazy toughbooks hold up to all of the daily ”oops,” they will hold up to the elements. People anywhere in the world will benefit from the use of Toughbooks. The only downside of owning rugged electronics can be the steep price tag. [...]

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Meeting Military Specifications

Fully rugged laptops that meet military specifications were developed specifically for rugged individuals who need electronics to function in extreme environments. Each electronic component within fully rugged laptops must meet specifications to ensure that a laptops will withstand temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, dust, and shock. Military standard, fully rugged laptops are also drop resistant. Electronics [...]

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Purchasing the Right Tough Laptop

Individuals who spend their lives working in unconventional jobs can have a hard time finding the right electronics to stand up to their lifestyles. Unconventional jobs will need unconventional electronics. Think about the men and women that spend their days outside in the elements. Do you think that a normal laptop would be able to [...]

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5 Little Known Jobs That Benefit From Rugged Technology

Everyone knows that there are everyday professions that will benefit from using fully rugged laptops. We also know that there are some very extreme jobs that will benefit from using fully rugged laptops. Well there are also little known professions around the world that use fully rugged laptops on a daily basis. Some of these [...]

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5 Truly Rugged Jobs

Well, not everyone can sit behind a computer all day. Have you ever met a person who prefers to be active, outdoors, and in a small degree of danger during their workday? You may be wondering how these individuals stay connected to the world during work.Well it’s easy, they own a fully rugged laptop.A fully [...]

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Who Needs a Semi Rugged Laptop

There are specific professionals out there that a conventional laptop will just not cut it. Some professions do not allow for flimsy technology to enter their work areas. Think about the amount of use your laptop receives on a daily basis. Would your laptop be able to hold up in extreme conditions? The most likely [...]

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